Podiatry Newswire is a newsletter specifically designed for the podiatrists. It contains a weekly update of the important and relevant information minus the noise and the unimportant. Each speciality newsletter targets different regions to enhance its usefulness. Information is growing at an exponential rate (and has been for a while) and getting the right information in front of clinicians is becoming more important when there is so much information. On a site like Podiatry Arena, on average 8 abstracts from research publications relevant to podiatry are posted every single day. Not all of it is important and not all of it is clinically relevant, but it does illustrate the volume of information that clinicians need to keep on top of.

The curators of the content and editors for these newsletters:
Craig Payne (from Australia) and Ian Griffiths (from the UK) currently manage the content for these newsletters.

Ian runs the website Sports Podiatry UK and can be followed on Twitter and Facebook.

Craig describes himself as a “University lecturer, runner, cynic, researcher, skeptic, forum admin, woo basher, clinician, rabble-rouser, blogger, dad.” Craig blogs at Run Research Junkie, and Its a Foot Captain; posts a lot on Podiatry Arena and can be followed on Twitter and connected with via Facebook. As part of those acivities he use an extensive range of alerts to new content, scouring and sifting through an extraordinary amount of information to distill it down to what is manageable for the busy clinician. That information is in these newsletters. 

If you have any suggestions for content, want a listing in the newsletter or want to advertise, then contact us via this form.

Podiatry Newswire is:

  • free
  • 5 seperate newsletters on different interests within podiatry
  • targeted for 15 different regions and countires
  • sent weekly
  • contains content curated from the best research journals, conferences, blogs, forums and social media platforms that are considered by the editors to be of use to podiatric clinicians

Podiatry Newswire is not:

  • costing you anything
  • spam